Arthur Brown: The God of Hellfire

The Hub - Central Park
Friday: 11:00
  • Conference
Gunnar Sauermann delves into the illustrious career of the legendary English rock singer and songwriter, Arthur Brown. Best known for his theatrical performances and powerful operatic voice, Brown has left an indelible mark on the music world as a pioneer of shock rock and progressive rock. ​From his iconic bands like the Crazy World of Arthur Brown to his dynamic solo career, Brown has captivated audiences with his wild stage persona and groundbreaking concepts. Gunnar will explore Brown's journey through the music industry, highlighting his collaborations with music icons such as Jimi Hendrix, The Who, and Frank Zappa, and his influence on heavy metal music. Central to the discussion will be Brown's chart-topping single "Fire," which skyrocketed him to fame in 1968, earning him the moniker "The God of Hellfire." With top-ten success on both sides of the Atlantic, Brown's impact on the music scene has been immeasurable. Furthermore, we will hear more about Brown's recent endeavors, including his unique collaborations with Cleopatra Records and Prophecy Records, as well as the launch of his new theatrical show "A Human Perspective," which has received great reviews. Don't miss this rare opportunity to gain insights into the remarkable career of Arthur Brown from the man himself, in an engaging and dynamic discussion that promises to be as fiery as the man known as "The God of Hellfire."


Arthur Brown

We are going back to 1967 when this British guy started a band called The Crazy World of Arthur Brown and soon after released a single called “Fire”. On stage he would wear a helmet on fire and use extreme make-up – pre-dating both Alice Cooper and Kiss. Being so early he is of course one of the most important figures in what was to come later on. The legend still lives on and still performs in all his craziness! See Arthur Brown at Inferno Metal Festival for the very first time!